Why is finding your face shape important?

Trying to pick out your next great hairstyle? There are so many cute styles and cuts out there, and if you don’t know quite what you are looking for, it can all be pretty overwhelming. When you know what shape your face is, picking your next favorite haircut is easier than ever. Don’t know what shape your face is? Luckily, your go to hair salon in Norwalk, Shear Cut, is here to help! The following is a guide from our experts on how to find your face shape:

Identify the widest part of your face. 

  • If it is your forehead – You have a heart shaped face.
  • If it is your jaw – You have a triangular or peach shaped face.
  • If it is your cheekbones – You have a diamond shaped face.
  • If all parts are equally wide – You could have an oval, round or square face.

Identify the shape of your jaw.

  • If your jaw is pointy – You have a heart shaped face.
  • If your jaw is square – You most likely have a square shaped face, but square jaws can also fall under triangular and diamond shaped faces.
  • If your jaw is round – You could have an oval or a round face.

Identify the length of your face.

  • If your face is average length – Average means that your face is just a bit longer than it is wide. Average length faces coincide with most face shapes.
  • If your face is short – Short means that your face is just as wide as it is long. Short length faces tend to be round.
  • If your face is long – Long means that your face has a long lower half. A long length face, or an oblong face, may fall into many face shapes (expect for round).