1. Should You Deep Condition Your Hair?

    Your hair goes through a lot every day. Brushing, washing drying, curling, straightening … the list goes on! Deep conditioning your hair is something to consider as you fight for the health of your hair. We offer deep conditioning in our hair salon, and we’d love to discuss it with you. For now, you can learn the basics here. What is deep conditioning? Deep conditioning is like the regular co…Read More

  2. Fast Hair Tips to Make Your Busy Mornings Easier

    Whether you are a student, a dedicated employee or a full-time mom, chances are, you don’t have a lot of free time on your hands.  Our society is always on the move, and with everything going on, your hair is sometimes the last thing on your mind. No one wants to go through their day looking like they just rolled out of bed, and that is why our hair salon in Norwalk has come up with the…Read More

  3. How to Find Your Face Shape

    Why is finding your face shape important? Trying to pick out your next great hairstyle? There are so many cute styles and cuts out there, and if you don’t know quite what you are looking for, it can all be pretty overwhelming. When you know what shape your face is, picking your next favorite haircut is easier than ever. Don’t know what shape your face is? Luckily, your go to hair salon…Read More