1. 5 Steps to Repair Your Damaged Hair

    If you read our last blog post, you discovered the regenerative benefits of a deep conditioning your hair. However, fighting against dryness, split ends, and frizziness involves more than just regular deep conditioning by a hair stylist or yourself. This is good news - there is more that you can do to keep your hair shiny and healthy despite sun, hair dryers, curling irons, and brushing. De-Gunk Y…Read More

  2. Top Hair Trends for 2015

    Do you want to start the summer off with a new look? Summer is fast approaching, and there is no better time of the year to enhance your look and become a new you. When it comes to picking out a new hairstyle, your options are endless, which can make picking one a bit of a challenge. Luckily, our talented hairstylists in Norwalk are here to help! We have come up with the following list of 2015&rsq…Read More